The Black Law Office

Gregory W. Black is a lawyer to help people & business use law as an ally, to solve problems, to create wealth, to seize opportunity.

Greg aspired to be a news reporter, covered trials for a newspaper, then joined the Army for 30 months to be an infantry lieutenant training combat soldiers. He used the GI bill for law school, has practiced privately ever since, over four decades.

Specializing in contracts, land, small business, civil trials, appeals, wills, trusts, guardianships, powers of attorney, and construction.

A fourth generation preacher's son, Greg's mission is to:

  • Serve The Lord
  • Protect property & land
  • Make & enforce personal & business agreements
  • Ensure government obeys its laws
  • Solve problems

By growing constantly in faith, knowledge & experience, we grow in wisdom to become more effective, for individuals, business, government. Active in his community, Greg has a network of excellent colleagues, sources, in the areas of tax, accounting, construction & real estate, who assist him in representing men, women & their businesses in wide areas of concern.

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